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Omotola Jalade Ekeinde Biography

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde Biography
The Omo s*xy name is the customized plate number of her Chevrolet Jeep.
On her BMW plate number tagged “Omotola1
Nollywood Omotola Jalade was born on the February 7th, 1978
Omotola Jalade hails from a family of five was into the family of now late Mr and Mrs Shola Jalade, Omotola Jalade is the only female in her family. Omotola Jalade has two male siblings named Tayo Jalade and Bolaji Jalade

2013 NYSC Batch C Preliminary Mobilization List Checking

NYSC Corp Members Preliminary mobilization list for 2013 Batch C orientation programme can be checked various institutions as from Monday 23rd September, 2013. The NYSC list has been sent to schools that are mobilizing their graduates for the 2013 Batch C orientation programme.
2013 NYSC Batch C

Funke Akindele Biography & Her Shocking True Life Stories

Funke Akindele Date of Birth: Funke akindele the nollywood Diva who recently celebrated her birthday on Friday August 24, 2012, was born in ikorodu, Lagos state, Nigeria,  and she had her first taste of education in Calabar where her biological father resides. Funke Akindele Education  OND in Mass Communication from Ogun State Polytechnic and a degree in Law from the University of Lagos funke akindele

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The Most Popular Websites In Nigeria, 2013

Well its no suprise that the most visited websites in Nigeria include those of Facebook (Expected), Twitter (On the increase), Conduit (Surprisingly), Youtube (Tube lovers), BBC online (News) , (Football fans) and not forgetting Google (Synonymous to SEARCH…*I hope their robots are indexing this*)

Analyzing these websites, one would notice that the top ranking indigenous site includes (#1) which offers a broad discussion forum for Nigerians. The 2nd, 3rd and 5th position of the top indigenous website respectively belongs to Punch Newspaper, Vanguard Newspapers, Sun News belongs to which is largely due to their readily available contents (news). GTbank is at the 4th because of the bank’s online and offline popularity in the country.
One may derive the conclusion that Nigerians tend to “face their book”, tweet, and send mails via their gmail, yahoo, msn(hotmail) dot com’s addresses and also video lovers tend to visit youtube (The booming music industry) .

List And Prices of Air Conditioners In Nigeria.

Here you will find data on prices of air conditioners. This information will be significant if you are designing to purchase an A/C. The charges encompassed are legitimate only in Nigeria. Scroll down for charges of air conditioners in Nigeria. that charges of air conditioners alter with the number of features. charges of air conditioners furthermore vary with its chilling capacity. charges furthermore alter over brands even with goods of alike characteristics and capacity.

Prices of New Cars for Sale in Nigeria, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, And Ford

In this page, you will find charges of brands of new vehicles in Nigeria. charges of Toyota vehicles, Nissan vehicles, Honda vehicles, Ford vehicles, and Hyundai vehicles will be provided. charges of vehicles from Brilliance, Geely, Nissan, Renault, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Kia, Peugeot, Volkswagen, Skoda, Tata, and so on will be listed.

Cars for Sale now at Auto Trader

  • 2007 Acura TL for Sale: Automatic Transmission, Airbags, 3.2 Litre V6 Engine, Power Windows - N2,300,000
  • 2007 Honda Odyssey for Sale: Automatic Transmission, Leather seats, Airbags - N2,500,000
  • 1999 Honda Accord for Sale: Automatic Transmission, Power Windows - N900,000
  • 2003 Toyota RAV4 for Sale: Automatic Transmission, Airbags, Power Windows N1,370,000
  • 2001 Mercedes Benz M Class for Sale: Automatic Transmission, Leather seats: N1,700,000
  • 2004 Cadillac Escalade for Sale: Automatic Transmission, 4WD: N1,800,000
 Lease charges are furthermore included for some brand new cars forms. Prices recorded are beginning costs, that is cost of the cheapest specification of those forms of vehicles accessible. If you require a higher specification, prices will be higher. Note furthermore that charges of cars recorded here may not be precisely the present trader charges. We supplied connections to associates of authorised vehicles dealers at the base of this page; call these authorised vehicles dealers for latest charges. Note that prices may alter over dealers and depending on characteristics and specification.

Prices listed are charges of brand new vehicles from authorised dealers in Nigeria. For idea of charges of used vehicles visit, our used vehicles charges page

Airtel subscription Codes- Airtel Data Plans and Activation Codes

The Airtel blackberry Subscription codes below are one of the Airtel data plans you can choose from
1.       DAILY:  (a)a day- the current data allowance is 10MB for #100 valid for 24 hours. The Airtel internet activation code *141*11*1# .
(b) 2 days – data plan for just 30MB at #200 and valid for two days. The USSD activation code *141*13*11# .
2.     WEEKLY: the current data allowance is 25MB for #400 valid for 7 days. The USSD activation code *141*11*2#.
3       EASY: the current data allowance is 80MB for #500 valid for 14 days. The USSD activation code *141*11*3#. This plan has a total data allowance with 30% bonus of 104MB.
4.       LITE: the current data allowance is 200MB for #1000, valid for 30 days. The USSD activation code *141*11*4#.

Etisalat subscription codes – Etisalat Data Plans And Activation Codes

Etisalat subscription code-named EasyNet is the answer to Internet needs of Most Nigerian Computer / Mobile users.
Whether you’re a Mobile Internet user or USB modem internet user, there’s an Etisalat EasyNet plan for you.
Etisalat blackberry subscription codes, Subscription price and Activation codes (For Smart Phones)
Monthly Plans
Plan                Price         Data           Activation Code.
Monthly       N1,000        200MB.     *229*2*11#
Monthly       N2,000        500MB           *229*2*22#
Monthly       N4,000       1.5GB           *229*2*44#
Monthly       N6,500        3GB           *229*2*33#
Monthly       N8,000        6GB           *229*2*55#

Cost of Building Materials in Nigeria 2013 -

Cost of Building Materials in Nigeria 2013 – Before commencing any building construction jobs in Nigeria many things needs to be thought-about. Among the various thought is that the real price of building to start building construction in nigeria ,  has recently run a survey on the The new Cost of Building Materials in Nigeria

Housing in Nigeria has become a tough part of the Nigerian society there are many business that Nigerians will come in and Housing in Nigeria is one certain revenue earning meant for the building materials in nigeria
The new bent law stipulates that landlords within the state aren’t permitted collect rents higher than one year from any tenant. Areas like Victoria Island, Ikoyi, Leki and Ikeja are nevertheless exempted from this new bent law.

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Prices Of Cars In Nigeria New and Used Cars

Prices Of Cars In Nigeria New and Used Cars - Note that Prices Of Cars In Nigeria  may vary across dealers and depending on features and specification. Prices listed are prices of brand new cars from authorized dealers in Nigeria. For idea of prices of used cars visit, our used cars prices page. Find how much new cars cost. prices of cars new and tokunbo cars in nigeria.

Prices Of New And Tokunbo Cars In Nigeria. Brand New And Tokunbo Cars

 Find charges of Tokunbo vehicles in Nigeria. Tokunbo vehicles or Second-hand Cars, furthermore called Tokunbo vehicles, are in warm demand in Nigeria because they are usually lower than emblem new cars. So, they offer the mean Nigerian an opening to own a personal vehicle. This is why efforts to curb importation of used vehicles in Nigeria has always failed.
Used Cars for Sale now at NaijaTechGuide Auto Trader

    2007 Acura TL for Sale: Automatic Transmission, Airbags, 3.2 Litre V6 Engine, Power Windows - N2,300,000
    2007 Honda Odyssey for Sale: Automatic Transmission, Leather seats, Airbags - N2,500,000
    1999 Honda Accord for Sale: Automatic Transmission, Power Windows - N900,000
    2003 Toyota RAV4 for Sale: Automatic Transmission, Airbags, Power Windows N1,370,000
    2001 Mercedes Benz M Class for Sale: Automatic Transmission, Leather seats: N1,700,000
    2004 Cadillac Escalade for Sale: Automatic Transmission, 4WD: N1,800,000

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List Of Best Car Brand In Nigeria. Top Ten Car Brand In Nigeria

It is no surprise that this emblem is the number one brand. Founded in 1937 by Japanese, Kiichiro Toyoda, the Toyota emblem has developed to become the world’s biggest automobile manufacturers. Owning subsidiaries like the luxury type of Toyota, Lexus and the hip brand, Scion, Toyota is the most famous and most loved brand in the homeland with forms like the Camry, Corolla, Land Cruiser and so much more. Easy to handle, good on fuel, no marvel every person wants a Toyota.



Akinruntan, Olugbo Of Ugboland Of Ondo State Becomes First Black Person To Buy 2014 Bentley Car In The World

This should come as a big surprise to many Nigerians. Do you know King Akinruntan, of Ugboland?
Billionaire oil magnate and Chairman, OBAT Oil and Gas, Oba Fredrick Enitolorunda Akinrutan has made history as the first black person to ever acquire a 2014 Bentley car in the world.

The wealthy Nigerian monarch who hailed from Ondo state has made history for being the first black man to acquire the customized 2014 model Bentley.
                                                                          nigerian king oba 2014 bentley

Tokunbo cars for sale - 2008 Model Honda Pilot

I have taken time to search the web and dealers of cars around Nigeria, and have been able to come out with this piece of information.
Non-registered 2008 Model Honda Pilot for sale in Lagos, car is in great condition without any fault, non-accidental and it is first body, just pay and drive. Read more options about the car below…..

Prices Of Cars In Nigeria New and Used

In this page, you will find prices of different brands of cars in Nigeria. Prices of Toyota cars, Nissan cars, Honda cars, Ford cars, and Hyundai cars will be provided. Prices of cars from Brilliance, Geely, Nissan, Renault, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Kia, Peugeot, Volkswagen, Skoda, Tata, and so on will be listed.

    2007 Acura TL for Sale: Automatic Transmission, Airbags, 3.2 Litre V6 Engine, Power Windows - N2,300,000
    2007 Honda Odyssey for Sale: Automatic Transmission, Leather seats, Airbags - N2,500,000
    1999 Honda Accord for Sale: Automatic Transmission, Power Windows - N900,000
    2003 Toyota RAV4 for Sale: Automatic Transmission, Airbags, Power Windows N1,370,000
    2001 Mercedes Benz M Class for Sale: Automatic Transmission, Leather seats: N1,700,000
    2004 Cadillac Escalade for Sale: Automatic Transmission, 4WD: N1,800,000

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Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2013 Review

OVERVIEW>> Less ugly, more safety, lower consumptionFor all his talk of liking the E-Class when it was launched, Benz’s design chief, Gorden Wagner, has sure rushed through its facelift… And what a facelift it is -- the car has had changes to every piece of sheet metal bar the roof. (Wagner isn’t a fan of the ML or the SL, either, so expect similarly hasty reskins for them, too.)

It’s not just a reskin, though, because Benz has taken the opportunity to swing in plenty of safety technology even six months in front of the S-Class’s replacement.

Dr Thomas Weber, Benz’s Director of R&D, told at the Detroit motor show that his company’s new philosophy was that safety would no longer a trickle down from the S-Class to the smaller cars, but would be swung into action at the first opportunity regardless of the car’s size.

That’s exactly how it has proven here.

The E-Class has the option of a full LED hyper-intelligent headlight that uses a combination of the car’s thermal imaging camera, stereo visual cameras and its radar to identify oncoming cars and then precisely blank out the high-beam glare for them.

There is also side radar, to minimize the risk (and result) of crashes at intersections.

There is a whole bunch of other things, too, that are essentially new or more holistic ways of tying together pieces of hardware the E-Class already has.

And then there are the engines including a new four-cylinder 1.8-litre turbo petrol engine, a pair of four-pot diesels and a new biturbo 3.0-litre V6. This last engine is supposed to replace the classic 4.7-litre V8 but, as we found, the old motor still has plenty of class left in it.

>> Seen an existing one? Yeah, about the same as that…There’s not too much different about the basic dimensions inside. If you knew what the old E-Class looked like inside, you know the rough dimensions of this one.

It’s all been fitted into a package that, in the E250 at least, weighs 1605kg, though that climbs as the engines get bigger and the luxury starts to drip from every vent.

It’s a spacious machine, too, boasting more rear legroom than the BMW 5 Series, though the biggest change to its storage capability has been the addition of a large centre console box. That’s because the central gearshift lever has emigrated to the steering column to become the only lever on the right side of the wheel.

>> Detached competence at its bestGet an E-Class, get a fuss-free conveyance. It’s always been pretty true and it’s certainly true now.

The pick of them remains the E500. It’s not the weapon Benz would lead with if it was going into a war of the cutting edges, but it’s still a beautifully smooth, incredibly strong companion that turns the E-Class from a conservative, default limo to a sports sedan dark horse.

There’s a lovely, refined timbre to it at every point in its rev range and while it’s quick, it never feels less than dignified as it goes about it. It’s like an athlete who refuses to sweat.

That it’s the best of the engines is in no doubt, but whither the rest of them, especially if it’s the elder statesman?

There’s the smallest petrol four, which is strong enough for an entry level machine meant to denote the company car for someone who’s made it, but not all the way. Mash the throttle and you find it gets a little thrashy in the top half of its rev range and has some harshness to it you don’t expect. But it’s an efficient device.

The real surprise packet should be the biturbo V6 in the E400. Big things are expected of this engine, particularly in the US, but it feels more like a logical step between the fours and the V8 to us.

It’s not without its charms, with a deep rumbling that could be mistaken at low rpm for a bigger engine that’s ready to get angry. Wider throttle openings uncover the V6 that lurks beneath the air of civility, though, and the vibrations from it are impossible to miss, though not overwhelming.

It’s strong, though, and all the way through the rev range. It whips through overtaking moves in a hurry, idles calmly and cruises beautifully.

In fact, that last comment could easily cover the entire E-Class family and the tweaks to its suspension and steering, though minor, have reaped rewards out of all proportion to the effort.

There’s not a situation where you can provoke the E-Class – regardless of the engine powering it – to trip into inelegance. The ride quality is never obvious, and always a strong feature for it. The handling has reverted to E-Class handling of old, where it has bags of handling reserves deep in its grip envelope but doesn’t ever encourage you to explore them They’re there just in case and they do everything they can to make it a stupendously easy machine to manage in an emergency situation.

The only real issue we have with it, bearing in mind its typical buyer profile, is that it seems clear Benz wants to run the show and only wants the driver to aim it just enough to stay out of trouble.

Want to turn off the lane-keeping assistant? It’s a one-button thing in a BMW or an Audi. E-Class drivers have to dive three levels into a menu board, then find their way out again. That sort of thing is repeated all over the car.

The other thing that’s irksome is that it defaults to the Eco setting every time you start it, which you need to switch off (fortunately, that’s a one-touch operation) if you want to use everything you’ve paid for.

But those are minor niggles. The major one is that while the body updates seem designed to claw in new buyers who thought the old car too stodgy and angular, the car’s ride, handling and engine packages deliver more of the strong, conservative E-Class character for which the badge has become famous.

Excerpt from Mercedes Benz E-Class 2013: Launch Review 

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What is the Best SUVs Of 2013 ?

The various motor shows that were organized all around the world in 2012 were the chosen venues for a number of automobile giants who unveiled their respective SUV models for the 2013 model year. These companies included all the popular names like Mercedes, Porsche, Volkswagen, Mazda and Cadillac and their offerings of SUVs were quite amazing and each unique in their own way. Some were more practical, offering unparalleled fuel economy, while others focused more on power and style! We have compiled a list of the some of the standout SUVs for 2013 that we think will dominate the market for next year!

Cadillac Escalade 2013: The Escalade is a truck-based SUV and is expected to be one of the best SUVs from its competitors. It features a beast of an engine: 6200cc V8. This SUV possesses enough power to tow very heavy weights.
Best SUV of 2013 
Buick Enclave 2013: Powered by an impressive 3600cc V6 engine, the Buick Enclave has made it high on the list of the most desirable truck-based SUVs of the year. The real hook of the Buick Enclave is its looks - it is just one of those vehicles that make you look twice.

Mercedes-Benz GL Class 2013: The GL Class is also a truck-based SUV that has clearly set a high standard for its competitors. The SUV comes in two models: one with a 3000cc engine and the other with a 4700cc engine.

Porsche Cayenne 2013: Luxury has never seemed so complete when it comes to the Cayenne. This is a mid-sized SUV, and is known for being utterly beautiful, stylish but sturdy. The beast comes in 3000cc and 4800cc models, which both ensure insane acceleration.

Volkswagen Touareg 2013: The German car maker Volkswagen made sure that their SUV offering is nothing but a spectacular blend of stylish looks and insane power. The SUV comes in a number of different models.

Lexus RX 350 2013: Lexus has managed to reach high on the list of mid-sized SUVs with its RX 350. The 3500cc V6 engine is perfect for the size.

Mazda CX5 2013: The Mazda CX 5 is a very practical and useful compact SUV that has proven to be a gem for the company. The machine won the Green SUV 2012 award for being the most fuel efficient and environment friendly SUV for that year. The 2000cc engine is enough to provide enough thrust for a good performing mid-sized SUV.

LandRover RangeRover Evoque 2013: The Land Rover Range Rover Evoque is an elegant compact SUV that comes with a 2000cc engine. Its long nose and fluid lines make this SUV one of the most stylish to be offered to the market.

BMW X1 2013: Yet another addition to BMW's impressive fleet of X-series vehicles, the compact X1 has been a favourite among buyers and critics. It features 3000cc engine and great compactness.
Besides these SUV reviews, there are many more amazing models that are counted among the best models. Examples are the Audi Q7, Ford Escape, Chevrolet Traverse and Toyota Highlander. SUV lovers definitely have a lot to appreciate and love in the coming year!

For 2013 SUV reviews, look no further than The team behind is made up of editors, bloggers, technical experts, and reviewers with a passion for cars and SUVs. Whether you're looking to purchase soon, or just doing research, visit for honest, unbiased, and up to date SUV reviews.

Written By Sarah Simmons