Friday, September 20, 2013

Cost of Building Materials in Nigeria 2013 -

Cost of Building Materials in Nigeria 2013 – Before commencing any building construction jobs in Nigeria many things needs to be thought-about. Among the various thought is that the real price of building to start building construction in nigeria ,  has recently run a survey on the The new Cost of Building Materials in Nigeria

Housing in Nigeria has become a tough part of the Nigerian society there are many business that Nigerians will come in and Housing in Nigeria is one certain revenue earning meant for the building materials in nigeria
The new bent law stipulates that landlords within the state aren’t permitted collect rents higher than one year from any tenant. Areas like Victoria Island, Ikoyi, Leki and Ikeja are nevertheless exempted from this new bent law.

The increasing value of renting apartment in Lagos- Nigeria is basically an excellent concern to most tenants. If you inquire  from most tenants what their desire is regarding housing in Lagos and they can tell you they love to have be in their own homes so they can be very free from the Lagos Shylock landlords.
Well, if you’re still a tenant in Lagos Nigeria, and wish to prevent all the harassment from your landlord this is the time to begin planning on the way to build your own house.
Building a house in Nigeria isn’t as hard as the general public understand it to be. All you would need to build your own house are as follows.
If you have been discouraged in the past by the high Cost of Building Materials in Nigeria. Below are the  current Cost of Building Materials in Nigeria you can as well use to know how much it will cost you to build your own house at the time of this publication the  cost of roofing materials in nigeria
Cost of Building Materials in Nigeria are as follows -
MATERIALS                                                                          MARKET PRICES.
Name                                                                                             N …………….K
6*9*18per one                                                                              130.        00
9*9*18per one                                                                            140.        00
Cement per tone (20bags)                                                    38,000.     00
Cement per 50kg bag                                                              1,900.     00
A Roll of 1mm 2 single core                                               1,500.00
33*81 unpolished Omo                                                          4,200-7,000
33*81 unpolished Maliana                                                  2,200-3,000
33*81 Teak                                                                                      3,000-16,000
33*81 Marsonia                                                                            6,000-14,000
Lorry load of Laterite                                                            7,000.00
Lorry load of hardcore                                                        7,000-10,000
Lorry load of Granite                                                             150,000.00
Lorry load of Unwashed gravel                                       12,000-16,000
Lorry load of washed gravel                                             14,000-18,000
Lorry load of Soft sand                                                          14,000.00
cost of building materials in nigeria 2013


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