Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What Americans fear about Nigeria’s music industry — Mark Redguard

When the experts says it, who are we to doubt it. The Marketing CEO of Spinlet, Mark Redguard, after the formal launching of Iceprince’s Fire of Zamani in Lagos on Thursday, has disclosed why the Americans are sceptical about investing in the nation’s entertainment industry, even though they really want to.
On the challenges being faced by Americans in the continent, Mark said Africa presents many unique, yet rewarding challenges as it is a vast continent that is a melting pot of cultural diversity, but that the biggest challenge the music industry is facing in the continent, pointed out is piracy.
However, he is of the opinion that Spinlet and other similar initiatives are helping to overcome this by providing a vast catalogue of great music that fans want and are willing to pay for, which , in turn, remunerates the artistes.   What Americans fear about Nigeria’s music industry

To this effect, the digital distribution company has confirmed its determination to continue to provide great music to more people following the success it has been enjoying since the company came to be in Nigeria.

talking on the company’s plans to broaden their come to in Africa, assess acquainted that dominating Africa is not just their plan for the district, but furthermore to launch new services in the approaching months.

He supplemented that digital is the future of entertainment and melodies followers all over the world are selecting to hear to their melodies how, when and where they desire it.

“The inspiration for Spinlet came from identifying this, but also the need for localized instrumentalists, while they reside, to have an effortlessly accessible, inexpensive showcase for their gifts that can come to more persons and from which they can instantly start generating revenue.
What Americans fear about Nigeria’s music industry


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