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Free 2go Download for Your Mobile Phone and Pc. chat on 2go

chat on 2go- For most persons, downloading of 2g0 has been a problem to them. But If you have been looking for where to download 2go mobile chat, then is the best place to download 2go messenger for your mobile to mobile chat. I will be sharing this article about and 2go mobile chat and how to download and set up an account.

Getting started with 2go sign up using is the official website of 2go mobile chat for your mobile to mobile chat with friends. To get started with 2go sign up simply visit follow the instructions by fill in the form with your details which after will now take you to download 2go messenger. After the 2go registration, locate where you stored the 2go mobile chat on your phone then open it and login with the password 2go team sent to your phone during sign up, as the 2go chat will automatically update your phone contacts using the messenger as your 2go friends.

2go is a social networking platform, chat, and Instant messaging application. It enables users chat on their mobile phone free. You can meet and add other 2go users as friends. 2go also has open chat rooms on different topics where you can join in the discussion and socialize with other users. There also games to play. 2go also has gateways that enable users chat with friends on GTalk, Mxit, and Facebook.
One of the greatest selling points of 2go chat is its simplicity and lightweight, making it available to lots of low-end phones, something Facebook has failed to do and which they acknowledged when announcing their public offering. 2go can run on any Java enabled mobile phone be it Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, or BlackBerry. Users can now even use 2go on their PC as part of an experimental service by the company.
What is

If you have been using 2go you must have heard of 2go pc. This is simply chatting with your 2go friends using pc/laptop. To download 2gp pc simply go to To download 2go pc is the the same  as that of 2go mobile chat, just follow the instructions as directed at and you will be able to chat with your 2go friends while on pc.
Other features of 2go messengers.
With 2go mobile chat you will be able to connect with your friends on other social networks using the 2go gateway. networks you can connect 2go messenger with is facebook, gtalk, mxit.

How to Download 2go on your phone

Visit the 2go website at on your mobile phone browser eg Opera mini. Choose your country eg. Nigeria. Click on the download 2go link, enter your mobile phone number in the view that follows and press Go. Fill out the form with the required information and send.
2go will now attempt to automatically detect your mobile phone model. If the auto detection is successfully your 2go chat app will begin to download. If auto detection fails, 2go will give you the option to select your mobile phone model manually. Click on Select another phone and manually look for your mobile phone model. If you find the model of your mobile phone, click on the link to begin your free 2go chat app download.
After the free download, the installation begins automatically. Make sure you note your 2go password, you will require to use 2go on PC. At the end of the installation launch your 2go app to meet your friends. 2go app will automatically detect your contacts on your phonebook that are using 2go. These contacts will be automatically added as your friends on 2go.
You may also be alerted of some messages, read those messages; they will prepare you to use the 2go chat. Be careful who you deal with on 2go, because like in any social networking service there are questionable characters on the network.
Now you can enjoy this magnificent social network
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