Tuesday, October 22, 2013

10 Tips On How To Save Yourself From Cholera

There has been a recent outbreak of cholera in at least two states in Northern Nigeria. Several people have died and others are being treated in the hospitals.
Although cholera is a very contagious intestinal infection transmitted by water soiled by poor hygiene and could lead to death if untreated, experts say you need not fear if simple and basic guides are observed to the letters.      10 Tips On How To Save Yourself From Cholera

Here are 10 of such life saving tips to prevent anyone from contacting it:

1. Wash your hands frequently using a disinfectant soap and hot, or boiled water, throughout the day, especially after using the toilet and before eating.

2. Boil or purify water for at least 10 minutes to make it safe for consumption.

3. Use boiled or bottled water to brush your teeth as the smallest amount of infected water
accidentally swallowed can lead to contracting cholera and other water-borne ailments.

4. Make preparation of your meals a habit and every vegetables and fruits must be washed, by you, and only in boiled water. Also, chop your own food and avoid using pre-prepared fresh produce.

5. If you like salads, try and avoid it this season especially commercial ones whose water source you can’t tell. Mind: raw foods, especially leafy greens such as lettuce, are among the worst sources for carrying cholera-infected water.

6. Even if it’s hot, avoid ice cream and never have ice in your drinks this season especially if the water source of the ice is unknown.

7. When dining out, avoid seafood and ensure all cooked meals are served and eaten piping hot.

8. Unless it’s in the sparkling, regularly chlorinated hotel swimming pool, don’t dive and swim in just any pool.

9. If you are travelling out of the country but unsure whether your destination is being affected by the cholera epidemic, find the information on the Internet, ask around or confirm from your doctor before you set off.

10. To stay safe, get vaccinated with the cholera vaccines before embarking on your trip. While it does not guarantee that you will not get cholera, if you do, it can help you recover faster and you may experience milder symptoms.
10 Tips On How To Save Yourself From Cholera
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