Saturday, October 12, 2013

How to Change Your Yahoo Messenger Password,

For those still wondering how they could change their yahoo messenger password, here comes the solution.

How to Change Your Yahoo Messenger Password – Changing password regularly is a means for preventing your account from being easily logged into by anybody. It is a means by which one can secure his or her accounts’ information. Changing your Yahoo Messenger’s password often is something you should also learn to do, because that one password you are already using can also be used to access your other Yahoo personalized services like Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Chat, My Yahoo, and Yahoo Finance. Therefore, when you change the password of your Yahoo Messenger, it means that the passwords for all your other personalized services will also be changed too.

How to change your password in Yahoo Messenger is not a very hard task. All you need do is to first enter from your Yahoo Messenger account, or any of your other Yahoo accounts. Then at the login Homepage, enter your Yahoo ID and your present password. You will be directed to your account. Now click your user name, where the drop down menu appears.
From the options given to you, click ‘Account Info’. A dialog will appear requesting for your password again, retype this again. Then you will be directed to the Account Info page. Simply click ‘Change your Yahoo! Password’, which is positioned below the Sign-In and Security heading.
Beneath the ‘Change your Yahoo! Password’ heading, you will be required to enter the current password you have chosen in the field provided. Retype the new password to confirm that you have not mistyped the desired password. Then, click the ‘Save’ button. As soon as that is done, a message will appear saying that you have successfully changed your password.
Nevertheless, if it did not match, you will have to refill the information again. After receiving the message stating that you have successfully changed, just click ‘Continue’. You will be directed to the account sign-in settings page. Type in the new password you have changed, and then click ‘Sign In’. You will be led to a page with your account details. Thus, you recognize that your new password did really change.
Therefore, protecting your Yahoo accounts’ information is achievable when you are familiar with how to change password in Yahoo Messenger.
How to Change Your Yahoo Messenger Password


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