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Throughout our research, it didn't seem particular obvious why Livedrive are any different to any other online backup service on the interenet today. Obviously all backup services have their similarities but usually they all have something which makes them stand out.
Livedrive though is pretty much the same as any basic plan offered by their top competitors with the added advantage of unlimited storage even for their basic users.


Like any backup product on the market at the moment, there are positive and negative aspects associated with Livedrive. During our review we found that the negatives outweigh the positives. We have listed below the pro's and con's of Livedrive below:
- Ease of use to the customer.
- Ability to store unlimited files online.
- Share your files with other users.
- Unable to schedule backups
- Does not seem compatible with with a Mac
- Unable to backup locked files
- Duplicate backup files


Currently Livedrive only offer support via email, if you email their support department and request a phone number they simply reply saying that they are only able to handle tech queries by email. Email replies take around 2-3 hours during business hours, when emailing during out of business hours you may not get a reply until the next day.
Support is certainly not one of Livedrive's strong points.

Ease Of Use

Livedrive is very easy to use, as we said before this isn't much different to any of the other backup services available online and if you have used another before then you should catch on here pretty quickly.
You can schedule backups with Livedrive although it won't do this automatically. Ensure you configure when you want Liveddrive to backup your files in the settings section as otherwise you may not be fully protected. Livedrive will not back up your files and folders automatically.

Value For Money

Livedrive isn't exactly cheap, you can expect to pay a few dollars more than their leading competitors in the industry. For that extra few dollars you do not really get much more for your money and if it wasn't for the fact that they offer unlimited storage then we wouldn't advise you to sign up at all!
Livedrive isn't exactly bad but it's hard to justify the extra $20+ per year for a service no different to any others on the market.



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